Founded in 2004, Efficient Market Advisors, (“EMA”) constructs proprietary investment strategies using lower-cost, tax-efficient, liquid and transparent exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Thanks to in-house and third-party research, EMA’s proprietary ETF strategies offer investors diversified asset-class exposure.

Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors, L.P. acquired the asset management businesses of Efficient Market Advisors, LLC in March 2017. EMA will operate as a Business of Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors, L.P., a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

Fiduciary Duty

We Put Our Clients’ Interests First

EMA has a fiduciary duty to our clients, and we take that duty seriously. Throughout decades of business experience, EMA’s professionals have consistently conducted themselves with integrity. We do this for one simple reason: we believe that trust is the most important aspect of the relationship we develop with our clients. By putting our client’s interests above everything else, we fulfill our affirmative obligation of utmost good faith and full and fair disclosure of all material facts.