Can Asset Prices Continue to Rise in the Absence of QE? 2018 is the Biggest Baton Pass in History

February 1, 2018 EMA in the News, Our Press Room

By Herb W. Morgan, III, Efficient Market Advisors

Like that party that just keeps going past midnight, it seems nobody told the equity markets 2017 has ended. At this writing, the S&P500 Index is up 6.3% in 2018, the MSCI EAFE Index is up a similar 6.5% and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index tops them all with an 8.7% return[1]. All of this, while echoes of Burns’ Auld Lang Syne are still rattling in our champagne-soaked heads. But soon the market’s momentum will meet the reality of the economic, corporate and geo-political developments of 2018. One cannot live on momentum alone. So, will the fundamentals ultimately deliver more upside or should investors be less sanguine? Continue Reading Here

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