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Interest Rates Have Doubled: Beginning of the End of Central Bank Intervention?

July 11, 2017 -  EMA in the News, Our Press Room


With most financial talk today centered on the resiliency of global equity markets it’s worth noting that commercially important interest rates have more than doubled in a short period of time. Research and commentary of late seems keenly focused on the inability of 10-year US Treasury yields and other bond rates to drift higher. Pundits wonder if this is related to an impending recession. It seems central bank liquidity from Fed reinvestment, along with BOJ & ECB purchases is finding its way into the US financial markets sending signals that in past cycles surely would have predicted an economic slowdown.. Continue Reading Here

ETF Strategists Are Today’s Active Managers

May 4, 2017 -  EMA in the News, Our Press Room

The financial and non-financial press seems laser focused on what they call the switch by investors to passive investment management, citing primarily the growth of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) assets.

Little time goes by between articles which come to the mistaken conclusion that investors have abandoned active management for passive. They cite two major reasons for this: first is cost-savings; and second is the avoidance of active manager failure. While it is reasonable to assert that investors are looking for both cost savings and efficiency drivers, I am less convinced that investors are becoming more passive in their approach to their portfolios. Continue Reading Here

3 Best ETFs For A Positive Bet On Growth Under Trump Beyond Q2

April 13, 2017 -  EMA in the News, Our Press Room

Investor’s Business Daily

Has the stock market taken its skis off for a breather? Or does a spread-eagled spill lie ahead? Those questions niggle at ETF investors as U.S. stocks stall for the second time since the Nov. 8 election, but perhaps they should not cause undue concern.

Smart ETF investors, like the best skiers, don’t get stuck looking at the tips of their skis. They push forward when fear creeps in, taking in the full view of the landscape, refining their action plan, and trusting themselves to make a successful run.

That is what Herb Morgan, the founder, CEO and CIO of Efficient Market Advisors, is doing. His outlook for the second quarter is cautious, but a wider perspective of political shifts under President Trump and global economic conditions makes him bullish on stocks for the year ahead.

Continue Reading Here

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